Been A While

Well, it’s been a while to say the least. I’ve been in BC over a year now, and I’m pretty set up in the geek/DIY department. I’ve taken on some crazy new projects (a car????) and I’ve been a part of other peoples projects.

In this last year:

  • Got my drivers license
  • Built a guitar tube amp
  • Built various guitar pedals
  • Swapped an engine in a 92 Honda Accord
  • Built a small rack to hold this server
  • upgraded my pi music player to Volumio with an i2s DAC
  • Built some braided CAT6 speaker cables
  • Started and built a prototype CMOS noise synth (more to come!)
  • Installed Arch Linux on an 80$ Thinkpad (took a while!)

Obviously I’ve done more then that, but those seemed like the most relevant and mention worthy feats…. not like anyone reads this. Anyway, I will try and kick my butt into gear and get posting stuff about project I’m working on.

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